2019 Open Exhibition Prize Winner Brings New Exhibition to Town Hall

Artwork by Jane Eaton

Jane Eaton, winner of Trowbridge Town Hall’s annual Open Submission Exhibition brings her new exhibition ‘The Oak Tree – Reconnecting to Nature‘ to The Gallery at Trowbridge Town Hall.

Opening on Friday 10th September and continuing until Friday 22nd October, this exhibition explores one of the most ancient cross cultural, universally recognised symbols throughout the UK – the Oak Tree. 

Often referred to as the ‘Tree of Life’, it is steeped in mythology and symbolism and has assumed the status of a national emblem. This iconic tree is often perceived as a meaningful metaphor from many perspectives in relation to human life. It can also be seen, in today’s world, as symbolic of the fragility of the natural world. Artists throughout history have recognised, celebrated and explored how trees and woodland shape our lives, physically and emotionally. 

Jane’s line of enquiry has been to explore different approaches to reconnecting to nature, to make work that forges enquiry, awareness and physical engagement with nature; to provide a more intimate and spiritual experience.
Three specific methods of making work evolved – monochrome ink drawings on paper, monoprints/monotypes and frottage.

The Gallery is open Monday – Saturday 10am-4pm and is free to enter. More information about Jane’s exhibition can be found here.