OUR Building

Trowbridge Town Hall was opened in 1889 for “the benefit of the residents of the town for ever”. In 2012, a Trust was formed to secure the long term future of the building and to ensure that it continues to benefit the people of Trowbridge.

Over four floors, the building is full of beautiful and unusual spaces.

Our foyer houses the Free Range Cafe and Deli and two independent shops: We Are Undressed, our town’s first zero waste shop, and our own art and book shop.

Our majestic Court Room is used for performances, workshops and courses. With views of the beautiful Sensory Garden, our Jury and Magistrate’s Room are used for meetings, conferences and the occasional intimate event.

Beneath us, our historic Cells provide an atmosphere space for artistic residencies.

Back in the foyer, and up the glamorous sweeping staircase, you’ll find the elegant Supper Room overlooking the park and gardens. Here, we show films, practice yoga and learn to dance.

Next door you’ll find our professionally curated galley, open six days a week, a space to stop and pause.

If we’ve time, a member of our team may get to show you the viewing gallery above to see the splendour of the vaulted ceiling of the Great Hall - subdivided in 1973 - and even the Caretaker’s Flat, five rooms unintentionally preserved when the last caretaker moved out.

We’re always looking for creative ways to bring this building back to life. If you’ve an idea you’d like to try out in your Town Hall, please get in touch. If we can help make it happen, we will.



Building commenced in 1887 to coincide with Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee. It was the brainchild of local mill owner William Roger Brown.

The Town Hall was the centre of social and civic life. It housed cells, the town’s first library, the court room and a magnificent ball room for public events. As late as the 1960s and 1970s, the building hosted Cat Stevens, Rod Stewart and The Who.

In 1975, the building was repurposed as a Magistrate’s Court and its character changed significantly.

Having lain dormant for a few years, a public meeting was held with a view to restoring the building for public use. Wiltshire Council agreed a lease and in 2012, a team of volunteers rolled up their sleeves to begin restoring the building.

Over the last seven years, the Town Hall has been filled with professional and community events, heritage tours and art exhibitions.



Katie Ackrill (Shop and Gallery Curator) — Katie is a professional curator. She is responsible for curating and managing our shop, and for selecting and curating our visual arts projects and exhibitions. You can contact Katie.

Jessica Bennett (Venue Manager) — Jess looks after the building. She is responsible for making sure it functions properly, everything opens properly and things flush when they’re meant to. You can contact Jess.

Fiona Cook (Finance Administrator) — Fiona looks after the money. She raises invoices, pays people on time and helps set budgets. You can contact Fi.

David Lockwood (Director) — David is responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation and making sure it continues to flourish. He also looks after programming and is especially keen to hear ideas for its growth. You can contact David.

Tessa Slack (Bookings Coordinator) — Tessa is responsible for bookings and events, for making them run smoothly and making sure everyone using the building is happy. You can contact Tessa.

Antonia Cook (Administrative Assistant) - Antonia has recently joined the team, getting involved with all areas, from updating the website, to setting up for events. You can contact Antonia.

Julia Bender (Duty Manager) - Julia is often front of house for events. Welcoming the public and making sure everyone’s experience here is an enjoyable one. You can contact Julia.

Our Board — Carol Hunt, Colin Kay (Chair), John Knight, Rick Jotcham (Vice Chair), Stewart Palmen, Alison Phillips, Pip Utton, Pete Smith (Treasurer), Sean Westlake


Our Members

This year, we’re launching a new membership scheme.

We’re keen to increase public involvement in how the Trust operates, making it more accountable to its local community. To help achieve this, we’re launching a membership scheme linked to the governance of our organisation.

Membership is free.

Anyone can become a member.

If you want to help shape the future of Trowbridge Town Hall, we’d love to hear from you.

There’s more information on membership here, including a sign up form.