Trowbridge Town Hall Trust was formed following a public meeting in 2012. Its aim was to restore the historic Town Hall for the people of the town, creating a home for culture and community.

Since then, the Town Hall has hosted a range of events, from concerts and performances to exhibitions and films.

In 2019, the Trust underwent a period of significant change. Reflecting on its origins in the nineteenth century, we draw inspiration from the parallels between the industrial revolution and the digital revolution. Specifically, we’re interested in the social challenges that result from rapid technological change. We’ve identified three central challenges:

– Transformation of the High Street as retail moves online
– Increase in loneliness and isolation as physical contact is replaced with digital
– Rise of ‘echo chambers’ as online communities replace geographic communities

Our role is to combat these three challenges. Our work fits into three broad themes: community, culture and commerce. But it’s in the overlaps between these that we see the most fertile territory: in community engagement, cultural entrepreneurialism and social enterprise.

Our vision, then, is for a creative, confident and cohesive town.

Our purpose is to secure the future of the historic town hall as a place that benefits the inhabitants of the town.

The Town Hall now welcomes around 50,000 visits a year through its historic doors. We’re home to choirs and artists, community groups and start-ups.

Core funded by Wiltshire Council and Trowbridge Town Council, the organisation is central to plans to reimagine the town centre, placing community and culture at its heart.

“Trowbridge Town Hall Trust provides a hub for creativity, skills development and enhances the identity of the town. The wider economic impacts should not be underestimated with undisputed knock-on benefits for the visitor economy and by providing a halo effect for other retail and leisure offers in the vicinity.”

Cllr. Philip Whitehead, Leader, Wiltshire Council

“The Town Centre is being revitalised and repurposed and the Town Hall is critical to the success of this. It acts as the glue that holds the whole town together, providing a focal point and a renewed sense of pride in Trowbridge.”

Cllr. Stewart Palmen, Leader, Trowbridge Town Council


Membership is crucial to the operation of the Town Hall. It keeps us accountable to the community that we serve – the people of Trowbridge.


Opened in 1889 “for the benefit of the inhabitants of the town for ever”