Celebrating One Year of Film at The Town Hall

What a year! In June 2021, with face masks on and social distancing, we started an adventure of programming a weekly film offer for Trowbridge Town Hall. This project has been built up after a series of community film events we organised at the venue since 2017, previous to the pandemic of Covid-19.

From June 2021 to June 2022 we have presented 45 feature films and more than 14 short films, from the UK and around the world. We have hosted some live Q&A with directors and producers including, Ben Bond (The Drifters), Kate Byers (Bait), and Florence Ayisi (Zanzibar Soccer Dreams) and hosted very meaningful introductions and conversations with some members of the community related to the topics on screen including Lucie Castleman, Sue Deedigan, Wafaa Powell, Cachelle Campbell, Judith Hammond, Penny Welch, Fiona Cassidy, Tetyana Shchedryna and Nathan from Trowbridge Pride.

In November, January, and February we sold-out almost every single event. Recently, numbers are a little shyer and we are trying to annalise our audience and expectations, so please all your comments and suggestions are very welcome!

In June, we are presenting three films with the central focus on the generally untold stories of the vulnerable and marginalised in urban settings, from Paris to Hong Kong and Casablanca, exploring concepts of community, identity, and belonging.

Join us! and please help us to spread the word!