Artists’ Café

People chatting, drinking coffee

I’m Annette and I’m one of the members of the Artist Café. We are a loose community of artists from in and around Trowbridge, who meet to share news and views over coffee and cake. We’ve been meeting in varying formats at the Town Hall for the past 5 years, and anyone is welcome to join.

Our practices range from painting and drawing to photography, and from jewellery and textiles to poetry. Occasionally an individual member might share their sketchbooks or other material with the group to give us an insight into their work.

Some of us have been involved in community projects such as the willow lantern parade, and others have work for sale in the Town Hall Art Shop, Uncover. We enjoy the welcoming and community-oriented atmosphere of the Town Hall, and the central location is handy too.

If you are an artist or are interested in the arts locally, please feel free to drop in. For more information you can email me on [email protected]. Visit the What’s On page to see when we’re next meeting at the Town Hall. We look forward to seeing you.