Harmonics Glee Club

Glee Club meeting at the Town Hall

My name is Kitty and I’ve always had a real passion for working with young people and singing so I created Harmonics Glee Club back in 2015. I’m married to a Nintendo fanatic who helps run the group, we have 4 kids, two dogs and a parrot, and I hate being cold!

Harmonics Glee Club is all about singing your heart out, gaining confidence in yourself, making new friends and having fun in a great environment. Nobody will ever judge you or pick on you – no matter what your vocal ability is.

We’re actually pretty fond of Trowbridge and are very proud of having such a beautiful Town Hall; plus it’s in the centre of town so I can walk there from home. It’s welcoming, they sell coffee (very important) and the acoustics are great.

If you’d like to find out more or join our group, check out our Facebook page. We’re looking to start in September, so keep an eye on our Facebook and the What’s On page to see when we’ll be meeting at the Town Hall.