Lorena Pino

Lorena speaking at an event

I have been living in Trowbridge for the last 10 years. I am a mum of two, originally from Caracas, Venezuela, where I trained as a journalist and graduated in Social Communication and Arts.

As a migrant I have transferred my skills to many different areas in the UK. This includes community work, film programming and being a Spanish tutor. I believe the best way to learn is in small groups and from a young age, so I decided to create my own After School Club. The Town Hall recently became our venue, and I couldn’t be more pleased to teach and learn in such a majestic, spacious building, with welcoming staff at the very heart of our town!

I not only teach Spanish lessons at the Town Hall, but have been involved in programming the film events held here for the past few years.

I am passionate about the arts, film programming and curation. As a migrant and member of a minority group in the UK, I have experienced the power of cinema. Using it to connect people from different backgrounds and raise awareness about current issues and different life experiences, but also as a way of entertaining.

I have organised 15 film events at the same venue under the banner of “Getting Together Through Films”. Using cinema to build bridges between communities and explore topics like migration and identity. These events have been made possible with support from different organisations, including Film Hub South West and with technical support from Cinema For All.

Take a look at the What’s On page to see the upcoming film programme and when I’ll be teaching my Spanish lessons at the Town Hall.

Lorena Pino