Place & Chips

Graduating from art school in 2018, I work primarily in response to ‘place’ and the ways in which we invest meaning in our environments, predominantly using site-specific performance and text. My background is in graphic design, and I often use print publications to chronicle the projects I have worked on. Walking is one of the ways in which I seek inspiration, and this interest in the built environment comes through in my work. I’m also interested in how the production of art is documented and the role art and artists play in the regeneration process of a place.

I recently moved from London to Wiltshire. It’s a county I have loved for a long time, so I’m happy to have done so – it’s a very different landscape and one I’m keen to explore. I had heard of the Town Hall through a friend who previously had been a studio tenant. Being a long-time visitor to Trowbridge, I’ve always liked the wide range of cultural activities the town has to offer but the building itself is a huge draw also; its remit to serve all sections of the community, the work being created and shown, and last but no means least, the space itself. It’s a stunning building.

Ultimately, I want to learn as much as I can about Trowbridge and Wiltshire and use that knowledge alongside my existing relationship to these locations as the basis of future work.  There is so much to draw inspiration from – I’m excited to see where it leads!

Place & Chips, Resident Artist