Vitality Yoga

Yoga in the Town Hall

I am Bruni Walker, born in Germany, where I trained as a dancer 40 years ago. I have been working with conscious movement since. Yoga came into my life 20 years ago and I have been teaching it in different countries and to a wide variety of people.

I am passionate about using movement and breath work to improve physical and mental health, to reduce stress and make your body smile.

I am part of the Yoga4Healthcare Alliance and qualified to provide classes under the NHS Social Prescribing Scheme.  

My yoga sessions are for anyone who wants to improve their physical and mental health, whatever their age, shape or limitations. All are welcome and move at their own pace. I also offer chair yoga classes for those who find it too difficult to get down on a mat. 

I love teaching in the Town Hall. The Supper Room provides a perfect space to relax and soak in the morning sun and there is always a warm welcome from the staff.

Please visit my website to find out more and sign up To see when I’m next teaching at the Town Hall, visit the What’s On page.