-35th of May

Tue 31 May 2022
Time 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Price £8.50 per ticket

Director: Lee Chung Chau
Duration: 97 mins | Age Rating: 15 | Language: Cantonese, English subtitles

Another year has just passed. Octogenarians Siu Lum and Ah Dai are afflicted with the usual ailments of old age. They await death—a natural occurrence that is a part of life. But 30 years ago, their son Chit met an unnatural death. Even today, many unanswered questions still surround the incident.

Siu Lum looks forward to being released from those bitter years lost searching for accountability. On the other hand, Ah Dai, who had been cowardly for years, grows all the more impetuous. Decades ago, he avoided such conflicts, concerned only about preparing for their future. With his spouse now staring death in the face, what is left to fear?

The two set an ambitious goal: On May 35th, they’ll hold a proper gravesite ritual for their son.

A normal activity that takes place in broad daylight in an abnormal country is still against the law.

“Let’s challenge this abnormal bottom line,” said Ah Dai.

“Spouse, finally, I believe you love me,” Siu Lum replied.

It’s a date: to commemorate May 35th openly, in broad daylight.

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