Adoptive Parents Circle

Wed 09 February 2022
Time 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Price Donations
Contact Katy Smith
Email: [email protected]

Reason for the group

As an adoptive mum and personal development coach, I’ve realised that there is a gap in support for adoptive parents. There is plenty of support and activities for adoptive children, which is fantastic, however in my experience and through talking to adoptive parents and undertaking research, there is a real need for wellbeing support for adoptive parents. 

Aims of the group

By providing 2 hours each month for adoptive parents to come together and put their needs and wellbeing first this will make a massive difference to the support they receive.

With guest speakers on different aspects of wellbeing and myself supporting people to put a wellbeing and personal development plan in place, I feel this will make a big difference to how parents feel which ultimately will recharge and energise them. This will have a positive ripple effect on the rest of their family.

Who the group is for

This is for any adoptive parent who wants to meet like minded parents, take time out from daily life, learn something new and leave feeling happier and recharged. 

I envisage this group to become a support, wellbeing and personal development group for adoptive parents to be able to live a purposeful, balanced and happy life. 

Future scope of the group beyond the 6 months

I’m working in collaboration with Wiltshire Adopters Networking, Development and Support (W.A.N.D.S) group, whom I’m a part of and are fully supportive of this group. They have experience of applying and securing small grant funding for projects to benefit adoptive families and I see the group carrying on beyond the 6 months with support from W.A.N.D.S. This group will come under their umbrella with myself facilitating it. 


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