The Gallery

-Cameron Scott – 60 Years of Art

09 September - 13 October 2022
Time 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Price Free

An art journey from weaving through collage to relief carving.

9th September – 13th October
Private view: 8th September 6.30-pm – 8.30pm

Curious, creative, colourful, artist, sculptor, Cameron Scott, with his unique flamboyant style, presents his exceptional work at the Trowbridge Town Hall Gallery as winner of the 2021 Open Exhibition. With a prestigious legacy of working in fashion and then as lecturer of art, we are able to share this re-emerging artist’s exquisite and innovative creativity.

I have been producing art for over 60 years. My degree was in Textiles and Embroidery, however throughout my artistic development I have produced work in embroidery, collage, paper pulp and relief wood carving.

The common thread to all my work is that the pieces are stories around my life. The places I have lived – Kintore, Aberdeenshire, Scotland (my home village), my time in Italy, my recent move to South West England; memories of my childhood, looking out my bedroom window in a small Scottish village hoping for a different life, being a student in the 60s in Aberdeen, working in fashion houses in Italy; also the people from my life, my parents, my family, and artists who have influenced me. All these jumbled thoughts become a narrative, slightly surreal picture.

My work owes a great debt to early Renaissance painters who often used different rooms / areas / views through windows in the same picture to tell different aspects of their story; but also to the Surrealist artists who have allowed my imagination to roam freely through my life, from my childhood in North East Scotland to now living in South West England. The images are easily recognised, but what is the story they are telling? What is the relationship between these various images from different places, different times?

The Town Hall Gallery is open Monday – Saturday 10am – 4pm.

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