The Gallery

-Four Artists

24 August - 04 September 2021
Time 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

A selection of 2D and 3D works by local artists Deborah Clement, Sonja Kuratle, Jennie Quigley and Jane Scrivener.

Meet the artists and enjoy some refreshments at the exhibition launch on Tuesday 24th August 10am-12pm.

The exhibition runs from 24th August – 4th September, Monday – Saturday 10am – 4pm.

Four Artists
Diverse Responses
We are four women artists who met through our associations with the Town Hall.
Jane and Jennie were studio artists, Deborah and Sonja have their own workspaces but we are all makers: some of which finds its way as items sold in artists’ shops.

Although we work with different media and are showing a diverse range of art pieces in this exhibition we are all responding to our influences, inspirations and reflections in our lives now. Thoughts, ideas and emotions are apparent in our current evolving practice.

Deborah Clement

During my studies at The Bristol School of Art, Bath College, and Bath Spa University, I enjoyed a wide range of creative disciplines and obtained a B.A Honours in Ceramics. I have grasped the skills of weaving and felting, found a beauty in stained, and fused, glass, and using my drawing and painting skills, I have made tangible my thoughts, ideas, and discoveries.

However, my first love is Ceramic Art, and so for the last three years I have been concentrating on an evolving exploration with clay, producing hand built and thrown items.

My more recent pieces feature animal symbolism and edge on the side of surrealist fantasy. They are influenced and inspired by my dreams, nature, love, and life. My aim is to evoke a narrative with the audience, encouraging a personal, contemplative engagement with the pieces; urging the use of their own imagination to immerse themselves in the lives of the creatures.
In opposition to my sculptural art, I also create hand-thrown tableware, a selection of which can be found in local outlets.

Jennie Quigley

Drawing and painting are the mainstay of my work both being fundamental in all the projects I undertake from teaching and community art to making willow lanterns and designing carnival costumes.

My studies were in graphic design, illustration and education leading to employment in all these areas.

I was a studio artist at the town hall for over 6 years and was delighted to watch and be involved in the development of the building. My most recent work has been exploring collage using old magazines and recycled paper to make 2D and 3D pieces.

The universal themes of birth, death , life and love are the thoughts behind the pieces in this exhibition.

Sonja Kuratle

I gained a BA(Hons) in Fine Art/Ceramics from Cardiff University followed by a PGCE. I then went on to study Art Therapy.

My ceramic work in this exhibition is based on nature, an inspiration to many artists, however a resource that is fast declining. The countryside is losing its flora and fauna both through climate change and land use. I use this sense of loss and the passage of time to explore how the changing landscape shapes our perception of the world.

I make ceramic hand built forms, large and small vessels, vases and bird sculptures. These are made of stoneware clay with incised and relief decoration. The pieces are then decorated with coloured slip, oxides or glazes and fired at 1250 C. The permanence of a ceramic object contrasts with the fragile future of our natural world.

Jane Scrivener

After my BA from Brighton I did an MA in Fine Art at KIAD (Kent Institute of Art & Design). I taught Post-16 students Levels 2&3 for over 20 years in Kent and Wiltshire. Since 2014 I have been teaching leisure courses to adults.

Drawing is my first love and the starting point of everything I do, particularly life-drawing. Our bodies/ourselves, are the vehicles through which we navigate our world, they/we are complex, resilient, unique and challenging. All of my work derives in one form or another from the human figure – usually portrayed in isolation.

I enjoy experimenting with media and materials to create textured surfaces and layered images looking for the aesthetic in shape and space, natural forms and the flow of the drawn line, but I also embrace the absurdities of life, our internal conversations and the conflict between what we reveal and what we conceal of ourselves to others.

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