Taoist Movements for Health

Time 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Price £6 when you book all 5 sessions

£8 single session

Contact Masha
Email: [email protected]
This form of Taoist Movements was practiced and taught by the monks of the Huashan Mountain School. It is an oral tradition, passed on through many generations. These Taoist movements balance, restore and unblock the flow of Chi, our life force energy.
These harmonising, slow, intentional movements create stillness and a deep connection with our own body. From this stillness we are able to listen again to our body’s wisdom, putting ourselves into positive, calm and connected action.
By practicing eleven distinct movements, our body regains a better state of health, greater vitality and youth; positively affecting our energy levels, blood circulation, nervous system, immune system, glands, organs, emotions and thoughts.
About the practitioner:
Masha learned this form in 2005 through a contemporary Master. She has practiced these movements and several energy healing techniques since, for the benefit of herself and others. She is delighted to be able to share her knowledge and pass on this Form to all those who wish to find greater energy and a better balance within their own lives.


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