Gentle Years Chair Yoga

Want to improve your balance?  Come along to a new Gentle Years Chair Yoga course starting at Trowbridge Town Hall at the end of April.

Yoga Teacher, Chantelle, is starting up a new Gentle Years Chair Yoga introductory course at the end of April.  Here she tells us a little bit about who the course is for, what to expect and why she’s starting up these classes in Trowbridge.

What is Gentle Years Chair Yoga?

Gentle Years Yoga is being pioneered by the British Wheel of Yoga to help prevent and support conditions of ageing.  Classes are modified according to the needs of the group and are suitable for people who may be unable to get down onto a yoga mat, or who may have less mobility and flexibility due to joint replacements, arthritis, osteoporosis and other conditions related to ageing.

Why are you starting up these classes in Trowbridge now?

I moved to Trowbridge about a year ago and wanted to do something in the community.  I realised when speaking to people that many residents here are from older generations and were feeling isolated due to the pandemic.  I had just started doing a specialist level 4 training in Gentle Years Yoga with the BWY which I have now completed, and was running classes online.  I thought it would be great to set up a few in-person classes at the Town Hall.  The first couple of attempts last year were derailed by the pandemic but I hope that now people are feeling  a little more confident to come out and re-connect.

What can people expect if they join the course?

On the Gentle Years Chair Yoga Course, students will learn some gentle breathing and joint mobilisation exercises as well as some seated yoga postures to improve strength, balance and flexibility.  Some flowing movements will be introduced to support coordination along with a few pulse raisers to energise and increase stamina.  Classes may also include a few fun activities with props such as a ball or beanbag and will end with a wonderful relaxation!

Why do you think it’s important to offer this kind of accessible yoga? 

There are many different kinds of yoga and it’s not all about being bendy and flexible.  Many people may not be able to access a traditional mat-based yoga class if they cannot get down to the floor or if they are limited in movement from a joint replacement or if they are living with a disease.  Offering a class where students can choose to remain seated and where postures can be modified according to different levels and needs within the group so a person can do as little or as much as they feel able that day is incredibly important.

What are some of the benefits for those taking part?

Greater ease of daily living is the main aim of the course and I hope that people taking part will find they have increased confidence to go about their daily activities and with greater energy or increased independence.  I hope that as we start to re-connect following the pandemic, people will enjoy being in a group setting and that the combination of breathing, movement and relaxation will help contribute to more peace and wellbeing for all involved.

What course participants have said:

“The exercises helped with my mobility and to be more confident than before.  The meditation and relaxation has helped to keep me calmer.  I enjoyed the fun time raising the heart-beat and felt energised.”

Where can people find out more?

Further details can be found in the What’s on section of the Trowbridge Town Hall website. You can get in touch with Chantelle directly by emailing [email protected] or calling 01225 760582.

The initial 4-week introductory course is running from Wed. 27th April – Wed. 18th May 2022, 2-3pm in The Old Court Room.  A second 7-week course will run from Wed. 1st June – Wed. 13th July, 2022.  Sign up for both courses to receive a 10% discount.

More information on the courses can be found here. Chantelle will also be at the upcoming Celebrating Trowbridge event on May 7th, be sure to come along and say hello!