We are now recruiting new members for the organisation.

The main point we’ve been trying to share is that it’s free and anyone can join. Here are answers to a few more questions about membership.

This is your Town Hall, and it’s important that members of the community are involved.

If you would like to become a member, you can sign up here.

What is a member?

Members are a fundamental part of the charitable governance of Trowbridge Town Hall Trust. They have an interest in the project and have the right to scrutinise the Board of Trustees, most specifically through the Annual General Meeting at which the annual report and accounts are received and approved. Members have no legal or personal obligation or liability to the organisation

Why do you have members?

Since it’s formation in 2012, the organisation has always had members, though we made no distinction between them and Trustees.

In 2018, the Trustees identified the need to be more transparent and accountable to the people of the town. The following year, after an independent governance review including consultation with key stakeholders, we opened the organisation up to receive members for the first time.

Trowbridge Town Hall was built in 1889 “for the benefit of the inhabitants of the town for ever”. Members provide an essential check to ensure the Trust is continuing to provide that benefit.

What is a Trustee?

A Trustee is someone who serves on the governing Board. They are responsible for legal compliance, financial solvency and, alongside the staff team, strategic direction.

Trustees meet roughly six times a year as a full board and also in subcommittees looking at topics such as finance and risk, community engagement and building development.

What is a charity?

A charity is an organisation with charitable objectives, established exclusively for public benefit. Charities cannot make profits. All funds raised are spent achieving the organisation’s charitable objectives.

All charities are regulated by the Charity Commission, an independent, non-ministerial government department accountable to Parliament.

Why should I become a member?

You should become a member if you are interested in the current and future use of Trowbridge Town Hall. The Town Hall Trust have been working with landlords Wiltshire Council and others about a major restoration project. As a member, you have a crucial voice in this development.

What is the time commitment?

There is no minimum time commitment. The last few months, we’ve scheduled four members’ events across the year, including the Annual General Meeting. Attendance at these events is not compulsory.

And if I want to contribute more?

Each year, members elect someone from within the membership to serve on the Board of Trustees for two years. This person serves as a full Trustee, approving high-level spending and projects, and providing constructive challenge to the staff team.