Meet Jenny: Celebrate’s New Editor

Hello everyone, I’m Jenny and I’m very excited to introduce myself as the new editor for our town’s community newspaper, ‘Celebrate’. I am a writer and also run the local wellbeing business, ‘ReJen’, teaching Yoga, Pilates, Barre & meditation classes & doing NLP coaching.

I’m a relative ‘newbie’ in the area, my partner’s job moved us to Trowbridge from Guildford in late 2020. It can be a bit unsettling moving somewhere new (particularly during a lockdown!) But over the last year or so since arriving, we’ve been made to feel very welcome and we’ve really enjoyed exploring the countryside around the area, and getting to know the town better.

As a new person here I can understand why there might be some misplaced judgement that there is ‘not much going on here’. However, what appears on the surface is not the real truth of the town. Trowbridge has so much to offer that its local community can get involved with and I wholeheartedly believe that we live in a town of great potential that has much to offer all ages.
This is the reason that I personally decided to get involved with the newspaper, I want to help to unite the community in this appreciation of all the wonderful opportunities that we have here.

There is a thriving art community, live music, dance, sport and wellbeing. We have beautiful wildlife & nature walks, eco conscious shops and even a bell ringing society! There really is something for all interests to get involved in and enjoy.
It feels really special that we have a town newspaper to share what’s going on where we live and to connect us, it doesn’t happen everywhere. So my goal is to take this acorn that is our newspaper ‘Celebrate’, and help it grow into a mighty oak tree.

If you would like to help to ‘water our tree’ with anything else that might be of interest to ‘Celebrate’, then please do contact me here:

[email protected]

I look forward to seeing you all around town.

Best wishes,