In the summer of 2022, we decided we wanted to make an original Christmas play that was a bit magical, a bit bleak, and totally hopeful. And it was to be inspired by a week of conversations with residents in Trowbridge. We approached Gavin Osborn and Florence Espeut-Nickless, and work began.

On a baking hot week at the end of August, Gavin and Flo spoke with residents across the town. They met people in the park and at the Seymour hub, in cafes and at the soft play. What gradually emerged were the traditions each person had at Christmas, how these were unique to each person or family, and how bittersweet many people’s experiences of Christmas are.

It was a show rooted in Trowbridge, with characters so carefully created you felt you must have met them somewhere before. It was fiction but grounded in truth. Light in the dark. Hope.

Miracle on 34 Seymour Street followed brother and sister Angel and Noel as they journeyed through the decades, from 1994 to today. From childhood to adulthood. From East 17 to Rage Against The Machine, Home Alone to Love Actually. A heartwarming story of a family trying to recapture the memory of an idealised Christmas, and of everyday miracles.

The show opened on Friday 17th December, and the feedback we received was overwhelming…

“What a funny, heart warming show with some great flash back moments in time! Thank you for a great evening of entertainment.” – Emma

“That was brilliant! Funny, poignant, cleverly written. And the music. Loved all of it.” – Lyn

“Just been to see this and let me say me and my partner thoroughly enjoyed it. What an amazing play. Thank you.” – Lisa

“Just saw Miracle on 34 Seymour Street. Really enjoyed it. Love song to Trowbridge and Wiltshire. Great performance!” – Dom

You can find out more about the thinking behind Miracle here.