In April 2020, we decided we wanted to make something creative to celebrate Trowbridge. Our Director, David, contacted Jonny and the Baptists, and together they decided to make an original piece of music to celebrate the town.

We kicked off the project by asked the people of Trowbridge for help… What did they want to celebrate about Trowbridge? What do they secretly love that others don’t? Where’s their favourite place that few others know about? Who in Trowbridge deserves celebrating? What’s the one fact about Trowbridge you always tell outsiders? And what would they like people who don’t know the town to say about the place?

Unfortunately, the pandemic derailed the Song For Trowbridge project, and Jonny & The Baptists were unable to finish their work. Luckily for us, Gavin Osborn came to the rescue as he tried to pull together their research and undertake more of his own, to write and record the song itself.

In terms of recording, Gavin enlisted the help of his band mates John Hare (piano and brass) Paul Hodson (bass) and Trowbridge Rock Choir to sing on the chorus.

The music video was made by Jamie McDine in July/August 2021, partly inspired by Bob Dylan’s ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’ video, in which he has song lyrics on cards. Combining this with a desire to feature as many of your faces and places as possible, Gavin and Jamie took a walk through Trowbridge and hopefully captured a sense of it. We’re sure you’ll watch the video and spot many people and locations you know and love!

We launched A Song for Trowbridge in October 2021, and it was met with an incredible response. It currently has over 14k views on YouTube, and lots of lovely, supportive comments.

You can find out more about the making of A Song for Trowbridge from Gavin here.