In March 2021 we launched a new project, Trowbridge 18 – 25. Having received funding from Sovereign Housing, we aimed to provide space, money and support for exciting ideas from those aged 18 to 25 within the community.

Whether someone wanted to put on a musical, start a business, or run an exhibition, we wanted to hear from them.

The project was led by Harriet Wyatt, and resulted in a Festival of Ideas in July 2021.

The Festival of Ideas, held in the beautiful setting of the Sensory Garden, allowed the 15 young people involved in the project to showcase their ideas to the general public.

Here’s what our Director, David Lockwood, had to say: “This project has been a revelation. It has uncovered 15 fantastic ideas, all of which we’re able to support through the Town Hall. It has shown the remarkable talent of the next generation of creatives in Trowbridge and I can’t wait to see how they – and their ideas – flourish.”

You can find out more about the Festival of Ideas here.