Come and tell us a yarn or two…

Trowbridge’s identity is rooted firmly in the industrial age of the 17th and 18th Centuries where it became known principally for the manufacture of textiles, beer and meat on the banks of the river Biss and from the transport of coal via the Kennet and Avon canal to the north of the town centre. The last of the textile mills, Salter’s Home Mill, closed in 1982 and is now a café forming the focal point to the Shires Shopping Centre. Many mills remain derelict after more than a century since their machinery fell silent.

Recently injections of money coupled with sustained optimism are beginning to reshape the town once again. The creative industries are a key ingredient to Trowbridge’s rejuvenation and it is exciting to see these creative energies repurposing our past industrial heritage and being part of the town’s further enrichment.

The 2020-21 project and exhibition, ‘Illuminating the overlooked’ hosted by Trowbridge Museum set out to explore Trowbridge town from the perspectives of those here. The ‘shuttle’ acted as a conduit for documenting the stories told to us.

The exhibition here responds to stories and observations made during the ‘shuttle’s’ first trip out. We aim to share peoples’ untold stories, explore the histories that are held within the very fabric of the buildings and build on the foundations of the past. Capture present narratives, rewrite the myths and legends for the future. Bring strangers together and explore community and identity.

Building on the funding received from Trowbridge Museum and the gifts of museum artefacts which formed the shuttle, we are continuing our artistic journey with this exhibition. We present ‘TROWBRIDGE YARNS’ to you as an entirely self-funded venture. We have been delighted to have received help from local trades and community groups and would like to take this opportunity to thank personally: Tony Ferris, local restoration specialist and Q, Aussie Dave, Trowbridge’s Men’s shed and Beverly Adams.

On display at Trowbridge Town Hall until 22nd April 2022.