Volunteers’ Week

Smiling volunteers

Volunteers’ Week takes place in June every year and is a chance to recognise the fantastic contribution volunteers make to our communities. Frankly we should be thanking volunteers all the time as I know how important it is to the Town Hall in Trowbridge, as without our volunteers we wouldn’t be able to run the building as smoothly as we do.

We have a small group of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about the building, its history, and the activity it holds. This past year has been different from others, and we haven’t been able to host our usual amount of activities and connect with our volunteers in the same way. I hope my weekly quizzes helped bridge the gap!

During our closure, we made some upgrades to the building which we wouldn’t have been able to do without the help of volunteers. We also built a new website with help from them, and the online support we received while we were closed didn’t go unnoticed. We’ve only been able to increase our activity over the past week and are overwhelmed by the support from our volunteers already.

We are now having a lot more events with film nights, cabaret shows and music which all need volunteers to steward and look after the audience. It leaves me to say thank you & to recognise the impact that our volunteers make with their support and their relevance in the community. If anyone feels inspired to volunteer and to help with events or be the first person to greet the public into the building, then please get in touch.

Julia, Trowbridge Town Hall.