Welcoming New Trustees

The Town Hall are pleased to appoint two new Trustees to join its governing board; Tracy Sullivan and Izabela Wanoth, and a new Member Trustee, Tom Bazeley.

Tracy says:

“I’ve been a proud resident of Trowbridge for over 25 years and have bought up two children now 18 and 20. Trowbridge has enabled me to build a career in the arts and community sector first as Director of the Arc theatre, then working in community development in Trowbridge whilst also working in arts development across Wiltshire. I was part of a group of volunteers who first worked to open the Town Hall to the community 10 years ago, before becoming its founding, Director. I now run my own business in Mental Health Training and volunteer on the board of Trowbridge Future. I am thrilled to be able to support the ongoing, incredible work of the staff and volunteers of the Town Hall as a Trustee and to see the continued difference the Town Hall can make for Trowbridge and the wider community.”

Izabela says:

“In March 2022 I stepped up to become a Trustee of the Town Hall in Trowbridge and replaced Matt Stabb, who had resigned as a Member Trustee. Whilst this term was due to finish in October 2022 I have become the Nominated Trustee since 19 October 2022. I am definitely passionate, enthusiastic, friendly and intensely perceptive. I use visualisation, creativity and logic on a daily basis. I come with specialisation in Administration, Commercial Law, Health and Safety and Health and Social Care alongside the paralegal, social care and commissioning experience. I hold myself to high standards to bring a desired value to my professional engagement. I must say it has been tremendously fulfilling, since early days of my professional career, to have been part of transformative experience of all I have supported to date at their personal and professional levels.  On that note, I will continue with my support to the Board of Trustees and Members of the Trowbridge Town Hall. I would like to see our communities unite in this new direction of travel of the Town Hall and its Business Plan to ultimately create a better place to live with opportunities that will empower and develop.”

Tom says:

“I’ve been part of the Town Hall family for over a year as part of the Purple Noise team – running the music studio in the Loft – so I’m very excited about the plans for a musical focus when the refurbishment is complete. I’m also a West Wilts product, having grown up in Bradford on Avon, and spent a lot of my youth in and around Trowbridge. Away from the Town Hall I’m an active musician, teacher and community music facilitator with a passion for helping people to make noise, and experience of the potential in this area. I also have 25 years of commercial and project management experience in the technology and energy sectors. So I hope to bring a practical, analytical and commercial head to the many activities unfolding in the coming years, and to add energy and passion in making sure the Town Hall makes a meaningful difference to its users and the wider community. I’m here every week (especially on Thursdays and Fridays), so say hello if you see me, I love a chat!”