Work With Us: Project Manager & Technical Consultant

Invitation to Tender

Wiltshire County Council are undertaking a major refurbishment of Trowbridge Town Hall and a Project Manager and Design Team were appointed in October 2021 by the Council to undertake RIBA Stage 1-2. This Capital Project will secure the listed fabric of the Town Hall and carry out renovation and upgrade works to provide a welcoming and accessible public facility for the local community.

The Town Hall is currently managed by Trowbridge Town Hall Trust as a community arts centre, but their ambition has been severely limited by the poor condition of the building and lack of access to many of the facilities. The Capital Project, funded by the local authority, will address these issues, allowing the Trust to expand their artistic programme and their offer.

The Fit-Out of the building once the Capital Works have been completed is the responsibility of the Trust. This Fit-Out will include all theatre and performance systems, the catering and bar fit-out and all loose furniture, fittings and equipment (FF&E). The budget for this is £980,000 plus Contingency, inflation and fees.

The Town Hall has a very small staff team who do not have the experience or capacity to manage a project of this scale, or to provide the detailed briefing for the operational requirements. Trowbridge Town Hall Trust therefore wishes to appoint an experienced Project Manager and Technical Consultant to assist the Town Hall with the design and management of the Fit-Out project.

The role will include the following combined services:

Project Manager                      To assist the Town Hall with the planning of the Fit-Out project.

Theatre Consultant                  To design the live performance infrastructure requirements and specify and procure the loose equipment.

Operations Consultant            To advise the Town Hall on the operational requirements of the building and to liaise with the Capital Project Design Team to ensure that the required infrastructure is included in the Base Build. 

The appointment will be made to only one Economic Operator (either a company or a sole trader) but it is acceptable for parts of the role to be provided by contractors or freelancers under the control and payment of the bidder.

Tender Schedule

Tender Issue                            24th January 2022
Tender Queries Deadline           4th February 2022
Tender Return Deadline             18th February 2022 (Midday).
Client Review                            Two Weeks
Appointment                             4th March 2022

if you’re interested in tendering, please contact [email protected] for the pack.